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projects-marketAs the world grapples with a growing number of challenges including climate change, natural resource depletion, biodiversity loss, poverty, and population growth, it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to work harder to foster the transition to more sustainable patterns of production and consumption.

Forest certification provides evidence for the sustainable sourcing of forest-based raw materials in products. It ensures the sustainable utilization of forest resources, allowing for forests to yield their services indefinitely. Sustainable production patterns, however, need to be encouraged by demand for such products on the consumption side.

We are engaged in a range of activities at global, regional and local levels aimed at maintaining and enhancing the market for certified products, from promoting Chain of Custody certification to companies to helping to bring non-wood forest products such as mushrooms to the market place.

A few projects at a glance…

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Worldwide Promotion Initiatives

We work alongside our members to raise awareness, build capacity and encourage the uptake of PEFC certification around the world.

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Enhancing Rural Development in Spain through Certified Wild Food Products

The production and sale of Spain’s wild food products has a significant impact on of the rural economies of the forest regions were they grow. Expanding the market for certified wild food products will therefore have a considerable positive impact on rural development. The Wild Food Products project is supporting PEFC Spain to raise awareness of these unique products, while at the same time increasing PEFC certification among the wild food products sector.

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Exploring Pathways to Deliver Sustainable Woody Biomass

With Europe’s demand for imported wood pellets set to significantly increase over the next two decades, this project looked to strengthen the link between sustainable biomass and forest certification. Led by the Pinchot Institute, the key aspect of the project was a two day workshop to improve the communication and coordination between the relevant stakeholders in Europe and the USA.

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