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Capacity building, outreach and training are among our core activities. At the international level, our activities include:

  • Seminars for companies interested in obtaining PEFC Chain of Custody certification
  • Training events for certification body auditors undertaking compliance assessment
  • Workshops for assessment consultants and members of the Panel of Experts involved in the PEFC endorsement process of national systems
  • Capacity building activities for PEFC members, specifically on technical aspects of scheme management and development as well as marketing.

Moving forward, we are working to develop a strategy to respond to new requirements on European Accreditation under ISO 65 and the recent International Accreditation Forum (IAF)/PEFC standard for certification bodies, which requires auditors to participate in PEFC-recognized Chain of Custody trainings on a bi-annual basis.

We are also seeking to develop more comprehensive training modules, and investigating how to scale-up and institutionalize greater focus on training as part of efforts to respond to and better support the needs of PEFC members and stakeholders in non-member countries interested in developing national forest certification systems.

Developing an E-Learning Platform for PEFC

pro-elearningE-learning has been identified as an effective means to increase training opportunities, especially given the global spread of PEFC stakeholders.

PEFC Italy, with support of the 2012 PEFC Collaboration Fund, has developed an e-learning platform to address a wide range of training needs, for both technical and non-technical users.

Initial topics covered by e-learning courses addressed issues such as standards development, revision, and system management; stakeholder engagement; forest management and Chain of Custody certification; and logo usage.

In collaboration with PEFC members and external stakeholders, further modules will be added over time. The e-learning platform is flexible and intended to address existing and future training needs on forest certification-related issues, sustainable forest management, sustainable procurement, outreach and marketing, and other topics of interest.

Learning modules will be available in several languages.

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