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2011 PEFC Collaboration Fund Projects

PEFC’s 2011 Collaboration Fund awarded CHF 121,000 to five projects.


Sustainable Forest Management & PEFC Certification in Bosnia and Herzegovina Private Forests

Project objectives

  • Prepare for environmental certification by raising awareness, exchanging information and transferring certification knowledge to BiH foresters and interested stakeholders;
  • Begin development of a national certification system;
  • Establish an understanding about the need for certification in private forests in order to improve competitiveness and domestic timber export potential in western European markets and beyond.

Implementing organization
Eko Zona – Šipovo is an ecological-promotional organization dedicated to a society of equal citizens in which the diversity of individuals and nations as well as environmental protection are seen as a richness and as integral to our unique planet.

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Forest Group Certification for Small Forest Owners in the Netherlands

Project objectives

  • Develop a web-based registration tool for applicants of forest management group certification;
  • Communicate and promote PEFC certification to forest owners in the Netherlands.

Implementing organization
lngenieursbureau Evan Buytendijk BV is a small consultancy office for the timber industry, foresters, forest industry, and contractors and builders. Many of its services are intended for Dutch timber yards, the wood flooring industry, contractors, builders, forestry, forest industry and organizations that sell measuring equipment. The lngenieursbureau Evan Buytendijk also offers knowledge transfer to sawmills and production companies internationally.

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Kadioan long

Introducing Forest Certification to Indigenous People as a Possible Tool for Rights Recognition

Project objectives

  • Improve understanding of forest certification amongst indigenous peoples in the Philipinnes;
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness and sustainability of indigenous forest management systems and examine the potential for linking to certification criteria;
  • Provide a learning experience for indigenous communities in forest certification and facilitate cooperation with indigenous peoples in Malaysia.

Implementing organization
Kadioan Inc. is a Philippines-based NGO established to promote indigenous resource management systems. It documents and popularizes various indigenous resource management systems with a focus on forest resources. It seeks to encourage dialogue with policy makers to gain support for the revitalization of such systems as a viable and sustainable livelihood option for communities.

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csa pefc

Promotion of CSA, CSA-PEFC Linkages, and Certified Products

Project objectives

  • Promote the CSA Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) programme;
  • Increase awareness of the link between CSA certified forests and certified products carrying the PEFC label;
  • Publicize the new CSA SFM User Group logo associating CSA SFM Standards and PEFC endorsement and Chain of Custody;
  • Increase the number of PEFC CoC certificates and PEFC logo users within Canada.

Implementing organization
PEFC Canada represents organizations in Canada that have certified their forestry operations to the PEFC-endorsed CSA SFM Standards. It also represents organizations and businesses that are certified to the PEFC International Chain of Custody Standard. Canada has been a member of PEFC International since 2001, and the CSA SFM Standard has been endorsed by PEFC since March 2005.

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Forests, Keepers of Time: Dealing with Historical, Cultural and Spiritual Sites and Structures in Forests

Project objectives

  • Raise awareness of the presence and value of historical, cultural and spiritual sites and structures within European forests;
  • Give guidance on how to recognize, protect and/or manage cultural heritage sites and structures within sustainable forests by disseminating best practice and latest science in a language understood by foresters.

Implementing organization
Probos, the Dutch institute for forestry and forest products, aims to make a genuine contribution to the sustainable management of the worlds forests. Probos offers a range of services related to the sustainable management of these valuable resources and focuses on combining the different forest functions in an innovative way. Probos is a leading not-for-profit consultancy to the forestry sector and forest-based industry in the Netherlands.

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