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tree circle image small webParallel Workshops: Exploring SMART solutions in forest certification

SMART solutions for strengthening trust and traceability throughout value chains

Technology compliments nearly all aspects of Chain of Custody management. New and emerging hardware, software, services and tools are enhancing the robustness of certification and accelerating the flow of information through supply chains.    

This session featured some of the latest and greatest technological developments from certified forestry supply chains. It helped to inspire us and enabled us to re-imagine how the information flow and product assurances of certified products can continue to evolve in the future. 

The session aimed at building clarity around:

  • What are the ‘must have’ technologies to maximize the impacts and effectiveness of Chain of Custody? 
  • What technology applications show promise for transferring complex information in a useable and credible form?
  • How could technology surpass the current information scope of Chain of Custody and help certification to deliver more value to companies and customers?

It featured a range of tools and approaches to strengthen due diligence and risk assessment processes, supplier engagement, log tracking technology and dynamic data transfer.

Speakers: Pedro Moura Costa, BV Rio; Harald Puhl, KIAG; Hannes Plackner, Holzindustrie Schweighofer; Vitaly Talyansky, Stardust; Ulrich Heindl, Global Traceability; Darren Thomas, DoubleHelix; and Richard Watkins, Envirosense.

Moderator: Michael Berger, PEFC International

SMART solutions for engaging and leveraging society for sustainable forestry

Over half of the planet’s human population already lives in cities and migration trends continue to accelerate. In the digital era, increasingly innovative ways are required to connect people to rural landscapes and forests. This era also offers the unprecedented ability to reach and captivate society as a positive force for action. 

This session sought new approaches that expand certification’s ability to use technology to add value and engage society in ways that support healthy forests and sustainable forest product industries. 

Together we explored case studies and innovations including:

  • How forest certification & technology can enhance companies’ abilities to engage with local communities, consumers and society at large. 
  • Crowdsourcing and Public Outreach – new approaches to raising funds and cultivating support for forests.
  • How existing data and information systems could be better utilized to capture more opportunities for engagement.

Speakers: Kirsi Seppalainen, StoraEnso; Dirk Teegelbekkers, PEFC Germany; David Plattner, Raintrust; and Mike Galante, Climate Forestry.

Moderator: Thorsten Arndt, PEFC International

SMART solutions for activating efficient and accessible sustainable forest management certification

Understanding our forest resources has never been easier. With unprecedented quality of satellite imagery now freely available, and new tools and approaches to measure and monitor forests, there is great potential to overcome common forest management challenges. How can forest certification support the further testing or deployment of these innovative approaches? How can forest certification better use modern technologies to support verification and monitoring processes? 

This session reviewed a range of emerging innovations showing potential to change the way people implement, verify and monitor sustainable forest management.

Highlights included innovation that supports forest productivity, smallholder access to group certification, efficiency in forest inventory and management planning and new capacity in forest monitoring and measurement.

Speakers: Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, IBA; Evan Buytendijk, Ingenieursbureau Evan Buytendijk BV; Kalle Ikone, Metsä Group; Teemu Saramäki, Trestima; Khairul Najwan, SIRIM; Lauri Tamminen, Indufor; and David García Castillo, Agresta Coop.  

Moderator: Hanna Nikinmaa, Indufor