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Under the theme Making Certification SMART this year we will explore and discover new and emerging technologies which show promise for supporting forest certification.

The 2017 PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue will bring together forest sector stakeholders, leading technology providers, innovators and sustainability experts to exchange views on what’s needed, what’s working and where are the opportunities for scaling up application. 

Overcoming barriers and providing solutions

Whether it is hardware, software, services or tools, the incorporation of technology within forest certification can overcome many barriers. Wide ranging applications provide solutions for everyday challenges such as:

  • Improving transparency in complex supply chains
  • Enhancing the ability to map, monitor and manage forest resources
  • Establishing new ways to engage stakeholders and improve cooperation

Join us in Finland!

The backdrop of Finland and PEFC’s 22nd General Assembly provides a ripe moment to exchange experiences and challenge each other to re-imagine how forest certification should re-equip for the next decade.

The two-day event will combine one day in conference setting with a one day field trip to enable optimal exchange, demonstration and in-depth discussion on the topic.

The event is well-positioned to provide participants with new insights and ideas for implementing and maximizing the benefits derived from forest certification.

Join us the evening before for a Cocktail Reception - your chance to meet with your fellow participants and get networking before we get down to business at the Stakeholder Dialogue. The Cocktail will take place from 18:30 to 20:30 on Wednesday 15 November.

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The agenda at a glance

SMART solutions for Forest Management certification

A forward looking discussion to explore the interactions between sustainable forest practices, certification requirements and how technology can support the implementation and expansion of forest management certification.

Speakers will offer insights on key questions like:

  • Where are new solutions needed to support forest managers in implementing PEFC SFM requirements?
  • What emerging technologies show promise in gaining efficiency and precision in forest management activities while potentially reducing costs?
  • How can technology advance the current boundaries of forest certification?

The session will stimulate dialogue among participants to imagine certification requirements and processes in a new context, which takes full advantage of the technological strides being made.

SMART solutions for Chain of Custody certification

The latest and greatest technological developments from certified forestry supply chains. It will inspire and re-imagine how the information flow and product assurances of certified products can continue to evolve in the future. 

The session will build clarity around:

  • What are the ‘must have’ technologies that should be promoted to maximize the impacts and effectiveness of Chain of Custody?
  • What technology applications are showing promise for transferring complex information in a useable and credible form?
  • How could technology surpass the current information scope of Chain of Custody and help certification to deliver more value to companies and customers?

SMART solutions for engaging society in sustainable forestry

A search for new approaches that expand certification’s ability to engage society in ways that support healthy forests. 

We will explore key questions like:

  • Where can technology be utilized to increase our reach and better mobilize customer engagement? 
  • Where are the opportunities to integrate certification into other media and platforms to enrich communication about the impacts of sustainable forestry? 
  • What new information and messages are required from certification to achieve successful engagement with society?