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Presentations from the Skakeholder Dialogue

System Reboot: Exploring the potential of data, innovation and technology within forest certification

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Keynote Address by Wiebke Herding (ON:Subject): “Embracing technology innovation within certification: what’s the hype?”

Our day began with us exploring the nexus of technology and certification systems. From recognizing current needs, to identifying future directions and potential impacts, this keynote got the discussion going and established a common framework that we advanced throughout the day.

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Innovation Spotlights

Technology has the ability to move boundaries and change how certification operates. To help us re‐imagine these boundaries, we were introduced to a range of innovations and ideas:

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 The times they are a-changing
Heikki Pajuoja,
Metsäteho Oy


Connecting Brand Owners to Forests
Sarah Crow,
American Forest Foundation


Extra Eyes on the Forest
Eugene Lopatin,
LUKE and Forgis Oy


De‐Mystifying Blockchain for use in Forestry
Robin Askey, Envirosense

Parallel Workshops: Exploring SMART solutions in forest certification

After we spent the first session of the morning exploring the potential of data, innovation and technology within forest certification, we broke out into three parallel workshops.

SMART solutions for strengthening trust and traceability throughout value chains

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SMART solutions for engaging and leveraging society for sustainable forestry

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SMART solutions for activating efficient and accessible sustainable forest management certification

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