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Held between the 13-17 November 2017, PEFC Forest Certification Week includes the PEFC General Assembly, meetings and workshops for our members and invited guests, and comes to a close with the two day PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue, open to everybody.

PEFC Week at a glance

Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to meetings and workshops for our PEFC members

As a global organization with members in almost 50 countries around the world, we are rarely all in the same place at once. PEFC Week therefore gives us the perfect occasion to update our members, provide training and cover some of the critical issues we face.

Wednesday is the 22nd PEFC General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of all the members of PEFC and is our highest authority and decision-making body. This means it is the members who vote on the key decisions, such as endorsements, international standards, new members, statutes and budget.

Once a year the General Assembly meets in person, with the 22nd GA meeting taking place in Helsinki.

Thursday and Friday PEFC Week opens up to everyone with the PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue

PEFC Week has grown to feature one of the most important annual public dialogues on the future of forest certification and sustainable forest management: the PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue.

This year we are Making Certification SMART exploring and discovering new and emerging technologies which show promise for supporting forest certification. Find out more!

A few highlights from PEFC Week 2016

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PEFC Week: taking the organization forward

As the 2016 PEFC Forest Certification Week came to an end, Sheam Satkuru-Granzella, Vice Chair of the PEFC International Board, looked back at some of the key highlights and outcomes from the week. "We've had a marvelous, constructive and productive week..."


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PEFC Week: our time in Bali comes to an end

After a fantasic, productive and enlightening week in Bali, PEFC Forest Certification Week 2016 has come to an end. Keep an eye on our event website as we share the presentations and key findings from the Stakeholder Dialogue, more videos come online and we publish photos..


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PEFC Week: thoughts after the General Assembly

The mid point of PEFC Forest Certification Week marked the 21st PEFC General Assembly. Among the many outcomes from the day was the appointment of our new Chairman, Peter Latham, and the approval of new PEFC national members...


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"Growing together - growing stronger"

“We must embrace curiosity and rejoice in the alchemy of innovation to come up with new ideas, products, and solutions to develop different ways to promote our vision of a world in which people manage forests sustainably...