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Myanmar lays the foundations for sustainable forest management

Sep 14 2018

“Third-party forest certificationMyanmar MFCS systems are critical actors to ensure Myanmar timber products are accepted by international markets”, said Mr Khin Mg Yi, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC), at the launch of Myanmar’s third party timber certification system by the Myanmar Forest Certification Committee (MFCC).

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9 October 2018




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“Myanmar had a long established and successful history of forest and timber management and related laws.

In parallel with democratically people-centred political, economic and social reform, Myanmar has been conducting forest sector reforms to conserve forest resources,” Mr Khin Mg Yi stressed.

MFCC’s timber certification system is an important building block as the country continues to develop a national forest certification system in line with PEFC requirements.

A stepwise approach

This launch marks phase oneMyanmar MFCS 2 of the Myanmar Timber Legality Assurance System (MTLAS), and forms part of a 3-year project by MFCC and PEFC to support the country as it transitions to the sustainable management of its forests.

Richard Laity, PEFC Development Officer, South East Asia, offered some opening remarks, noting the development of the system through a multi-stakeholder approach.

“Forest certification is particularly advantageous in terms of it being market focused and offering an increased opportunity for, and access to, international markets and trade for Myanmar,” Richard highlighted.

“Thanks to the Prince Albert II Foundation, MFCC and PEFC have been able to cooperate to build and implement this stepwise approach to sustainable forest management for Myanmar’s forests.”

The launching continued with MFCC presenting their progress over the past year, an introduction of the MFCC system and the structure and processes for the implementation of the system.

The new MFCC website was introduced, which will be critical for future system management.

Alex Karnsund, a timber traderMyanmar MFCS 3 from Sweden (Karnsund Wood Link AB), enthusiastically welcomed the launching of the system.

“This is a critical contribution for meeting EU due diligence requirements and we are keen to do everything to support the work of MFCC.”

“This launch is a very important step towards ensuring Myanmar’s timber can be audited against a robust system for wider acceptance on the international market,” said Shwe Kyaw, MFCC Chairman.

“We welcome continual feedback so that the system can be improved and we are committed to providing sustained support to make the system a success and deliver sustainable forest management to Myanmar’s forests.”

Information Session

Find out more about the Myanmar Forest Certification System (MFCS) and the benefits for organizations along the entire value chain. Join us for a joint MFCC-PEFC webinar on 9 October 2018 (10:00am GMT +2).

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