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Photo contest winners depict the diverse richness of India’s forests

Aug 07 2018

The many different dimensionsNatures Dawn Indian photo contest of Indian forests are revealed through the winners of the “Experience Forests, Experience Life” photo contest, run by the Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF).

“The photo contest opens a platform for photographers to reflect and give shape to these various dimensions of forests through their lenses,” said Sachin Raj Jain from NCCF, our national member for India.

Way to Heaven Indian photo contestAll 650 photos entered into the contest can be seen on Instagram under the hashtag #nccfindia2018.

The winning images

The forest of the Manjarabad Fort in Karnataka, India, sets the scene for the winning image.

The photo was taken by Sharath Appanna and is called ‘Natures Dawn’. It shows the impressive forest in the early morning, as the sun rays cut through the clouds.

Amit Shah came in second with the image ‘Way to Heaven’ taken in the Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttrakhand, India. Depicting snow covered mountains and alpine flowers, the photo impressively reveals the rich diversity of India’s nature.

Life of the Endangered Unicorn Indian photo contestThird place went to Pranav Calapatti for the image ‘Life of the Endangered Unicorn’.

Captured in the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India, the photo shows two Indian one-horned rhinos in their natural habitat.

“Khaziranga is one of the most fragile habitats for the Indian one-horned rhino," explained Mr. Calapatti.

"As unique as it is, this gentle animal faces problems such as rampant poaching.”


Experience Forests, Experience PEFC

The Indian photo contest was one of 16 national contests run by PEFC members around the world. In total, we received more than 12,000 photos!

India’s winning images will enter the international contest and will have the chance to win the 2018 PEFC Photographer of the Year Award. The winner of this contest will be announced in November 2018 and will receive a trip to the 2018 PEFC Forest Certification Week in Geneva, Switzerland or a cash prize of 3000 CHF.

Photo credit: Sharath Appanna, Amit Shah, Pranav Calapatti

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