Caring for our forests globally
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Forests are among the most biodiverse and valuable terrestrial ecosystems on the planet and vital for our livelihoods. Sustainable forest management helps maintaining and enhancing the values forests provide - now and for the future.

Who Owns the Forest?

One of the challenges that forest certification faces is the different types of ownership and management.

With 25% of the world's forests owned by families and communities, resources and costs related to certification are a major obstacle to the expansion of forest certification to the more than 90% of forest area currently uncertified.



overview-forest-sustainabilThe world’s forests fulfill many roles such as providing renewable raw materials and energy, maintaining biodiversity, and protecting land and water resources.

Certification helps safeguarding the sustainability of our forests.


Consume Responsibly

The simple act of sourcing or purchasing a product with the PEFC labels can have far-reaching positive implications, not least in terms of sustainable consumption.

If you are interested in making the right ethical choice, you should always choose PEFC-certified products to promote the sustainable management of our forests globally.