PEFC chain of custody refresher training: Netherlands

PEFC chain of custody refresher training: Netherlands

Auditor training

Experienced PEFC chain of custody auditors, reviewers and certification decision makers are invited to register for a PEFC recognized chain of custody refresher training on 17 November in Wageningen, Netherlands.

This refresher training is designed for qualified PEFC auditors, reviewers or certification decision makers that wish to issue certification against the 2020 PEFC chain of custody related standards, as required by PEFC ST 2003.

Issuing certification against the 2020 standards is only possible after the completion of either initial or refresher training, and once you are accredited against the 2020 versions of the standards.

To register for the training, please contact PEFC Netherlands.

The details

The training takes place 17 November, 08:00 – 17:00 at Wageningen International Conference Centre in Wageningen, Netherlands.

The number of participants is limited to 15. If circumstances in November make it impossible to hold the training in person, it will be held online via Zoom.

The training will provide an introduction to the revised 2020 PEFC Chain of Custody standard, focusing on the changes to the input-output process, the PEFC Due Diligence System (DDS), the chain of custody methods and multi-site certification. It will also cover changes to the 2020 PEFC Trademarks standard and 2020 Certification Body Requirements standard.

Agenda: PEFC chain of custody refresher training (Netherlands) 225.70 KB

Before the training, participants are expected to read the 2020 versions of the PEFC standards, along with the summary of changes. These can all be found on our website

Participants will also be provided with case studies in advance of the training, and will need to provide their answers to the technical expert.

The training will be given by Marten de Groot, PEFC International Technical Expert and National Secretary of PEFC Netherlands.

The participation fee for the refresher training is 300€ per person, excluding VAT. The training will be held in Dutch. For more information about the training, visit the website of PEFC Netherlands.

Knowledge test

Following the training, participants will to complete an online knowledge test. Participants that pass this test will receive a PEFC recognised chain of custody training certificate within two weeks. Successful participants will also be added to the PEFC register of trained auditors, reviewers and certification decision makers.

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17 November 2020

08:00 - 17:00 (UTC+2)

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Wageningen International Conference Centre
Lawickse Allee 9
6701 AN Wageningen

PEFC contact

Linda Matole

Technical Officer

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