Accreditation body training for PEFC chain of custody

Accreditation body training for PEFC chain of custody

Accreditation body training

This training is fully booked. Please contact us at if you need any further information about accreditation body training opportunities.

In January 2020, we published the revised international standards for PEFC Chain of Custody (ST 2002), PEFC Trademarks (ST 2001) and Certification Body Requirements for Chain of Custody (ST 2003). These three standards entered into force on 14 February 2020, with a 24-month transition period.

In order to support accreditation bodies, we are offering training to introduce your representatives to these three key standards. This training aims at providing you with the technical background necessary to conduct your accreditation tasks. 

The details

The training will take place 9:00-13:00 28 January and 14:00-16:30 29 January. It will be held online using Zoom.

The first day will focus on the PEFC Chain of Custody standard, as well as an introduction to PEFC, our accreditation body engagement, and a questions and answers session. The second day looks at the Certification Body Requirements and PEFC Trademarks standards.

Agenda: accreditation body training (January) 169.39 KB

The training will be given by PEFC International technical team.

The training is free of charge. Places are limited to 30 participants, and preference will be given to those who have not attended a PEFC training before. 

The training will be held in English.

Accreditation bodies and the revised standards

With the entry into force of the three revised standards, certification bodies need to get trained and accredited before they can start to provide certification against these new versions. This means certification bodies will contact you to ask you for accreditation. 

By attending this training, your assessment team will be up-to-date on the main changes to these three standards for the accreditation process.


28 - 29, January 2021

09:00 - 16:30 (UTC+1)

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