2019 Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference

2019 Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference

Forests for Fashion

Textile Exchange’s annual Textile Sustainability Conference brings together a powerful and inspiring global community across the industry.

Join us on the Tuesday afternoon as we take part in the Manmade Cellulosics (MMC) Round Table.

About the MMC Round Table

With Manmade Cellulosics (MMC) being the second biggest cellulosic fiber group after cotton, and businesses, initiatives, NGOs and governments are giving it ever greater attention, Textile Exchange sees a huge potential for more sustainable – or preferred – Manmade Cellulosics to gain a higher market share.

The MMC Round Table brings together relevant stakeholder groups to build momentum behind this potential, share latest news, learn and act collectively, and incubate new ideas.


15 - 18, October 2019

09:00 - 18:00 (UTC+2)

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Vancouver Convention Center

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