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Benefits of Project Certification

When it comes to individual construction projects, the construction industry faces specific challenges when proving that the timber specified and supplied is from certified sustainable sources. Project Certification has been designed as a mechanism for gaining independent verification of the use of certified timber in a one-off project such as a construction project which has a limited duration.

Benefits of project cocProof of Traceability

Certification of the timber or timber-derived products within a construction project provides independently verified assurance that the wood used originates from responsibly managed forests with the material tracked through every stage of the process from forest to the project.

Independent third party verification

Certification represents a fraction of the cost of the overall build. Independent third party verification proves that your project has been rigorously audited to an international standard so your clients can be assured of a higher level of certainty that your data is accurate and valid, setting you apart from your competitors.

Recognition that not all sub-contractors are certified

Many contractors will be involved on-site and not all will have their own Chain of Custody Certification. Project Certification allows non-certified sub-contractors to operate under the ‘umbrella’ of the main contractors’ certification as long as all of their activities are confined to the certified site.

Promotion of the project

PEFC’s globally recognized trademarks can be used to promote the project’s responsible sourcing credentials and enable public claims to be made about the use of certified timber during the build.

Assurances that the project is contributing to environmental conservation and economic sustainability

Companies can provide assurances to both suppliers and clients that those managing the project have procured only legal and sustainable timber. In doing so they have reduced the risk to reputation which could be caused by seizure and or fines under the EU Timber Regulation.

Gaining certification provides evidence of your organization’s commitment to being a sustainable company.

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