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The PEFC logo is highly credible and allows organizations, governments, associations and others to communicate and promote their support for PEFC-certified sustainable forest management.

Magazines5Off-product use does not refer to specific products or the origin of raw material from PEFC-certified forests.

Off-product use includes the use of the PEFC logo and labels to communicate PEFC certification on/in:

  • Annual reports, CSR reports and, sustainability reports
  • Brochures and other written material
  • Information displays, posters in stores, at trade fairs
  • Advertisements & flyers
  • Websites

Note that any use of the PEFC logo and label that refers to – or can be perceived as referring to – a specific PEFC-certified product and/or the origin of the raw material used in its production is considered “on-product” use.

Eligible Users

Off-product labelling requires a valid Logo Usage Licence and is available to

  • Certified Entities
  • Non-Certified Entities
    These are entities selling certified products without the requirement to obtain PEFC certification (e.g., retailers or DIYs as sellers of products uniquely identifiable, certified and labelled through suppliers) and others that strive to promote and educate about PEFC certification (e.g., governments or banks as final consumers of certified products, organizations and associations communicating about PEFC). (PEFC Logo User Group D)
  • One-Time Users
    Simplified licensing requirements are available for entities using the logo on a one-time basis for illustrative or educational purposes (off-product only). Examples include in the media, newspapers, magazines, reports, websites, etc.

Available Labels

Promoting PEFC CertificationPromoting Sustainable Forest Management (available to all Logo User Groups EXCEPT One-Time Users)

Claim: “Promoting sustainable forest management.”

Designed for educational or promotional purposes, this label indicates support for sustainable forest management and PEFC certification.

PEFC one-time logoPromoting Sustainable Forest Management (available for One-Time Users)

Claim: “Promoting sustainable forest management.”

Designed for one-time use, special requirements govern the use of this label:

  • Permission to use this label can only be given by PEFC Council;
  • Only off-product use is allowed;
  • The logo must be accompanied with the PEFC Council registration number "PEFC/01-00-01";
  • The claim “Promoting Sustainable Forest Management” and “” must be used;
  • The disclaimer “Reproduced with permission of PEFC Council” must be included in close proximity of the label.


For further information or to find out more about using the PEFC logo and label, please contact:

PEFC Certified

Forests area: 309 million ha
Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): > 20,000

(as of December 2018)

PEFC Logo Usage Toolkit


PEFC Labels

PEFC offers three standard labels for identification of PEFC-certified products

PEFC Certified

PEFC certified s

PEFC Recycled

PEFC recycled label s

Promoting SFM


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The PEFC logo and the initials "PEFC" are registered trademarks. We encourage anyone to report improper use.