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AB training jan 2017As an accreditation body, you verify the procedures, performance and competence of certification bodies and their auditors.

It is important that you are familiar with the PEFC system and the PEFC Chain of Custody standard, even if you make use of external PEFC expertise.

We find it equally important that, like the auditors, you are kept up to date on our expectations, clarifications and interpretations to the standard.

That is why we also offer PEFC Chain of Custody training to accreditation bodies.

Previously we offered a series of training webinars, but  from 2017 onwards the Accreditation Body Training has a new format of two consecutive in-person training days.

These two days allow us to put more emphasis on the PEFC Chain of Custody requirements and to fully introduce the different parts of the Chain of Custody process.

While we provide specific training for accreditation body representatives, we also encourage you to get into contact with our PEFC national members of the countries you operate in.

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Johan Vlieger
Technical Officer, PEFC International