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We provide extensive support services to a range of stakeholders that are considering, or already in the process, of developing their own national forest certification system. A significant proportion of this support is through one-on-one guidance with these stakeholders by both us and our National members, providing them with advice and insights on how to develop and manage a national system.

System Development Projects

A key aspect of our project work is working with national stakeholders as they embark on the process of developing their national forest certification systems. From Southeast Asia, to Africa and Southeast Europe, we carry out this vital support throughout the world.

Some of the countries and regions we are supporting include:


PEFC System Development Workshop

DSCN5674In addition to individual support, we also hold our PEFC System Development Workshops.

These workshops give countries at all the various stages of development the opportunity to share their differing experiences and challenges, to benefit from the advice of those who have already gone through the same process, and to learn from each other.

We have already held several successful System Development Workshops: Vienna, Austria, in 2012; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2013; Paris, France, in 2014; and Bali, Indonesia, in 2016.

Through these workshops, we have brought together representatives from numerous countries in various stages of their national system development, along with several national members who shared their valuable experiences and advice on developing a system in line with PEFC's exacting requirements.

The PEFC Toolkit

toolkit trainingTo provide further support, we brought together the collective knowledge of stakeholders and PEFC staff at national and international to produce Your Toolkit: Developing a National Forest Certification System.

This step-by-step guide provides hands-on advice to establishing a national forest certification system aligned with PEFC’s globally recognized Sustainability Benchmark requirements.

The Toolkit is available in English, French and Spanish, all of which are free to download from our website.

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To find out more about developing your own national forest certification system, or if you are interested in attending a System Development Workshop, please email

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We run a number of projects aimed at helping stakeholders develop their national systems:



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