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With over 10,000 PEFC Chain of Custody certificates issued worldwide, the PEFC Chain of Custody standard is widely applied by certified companies as well as certification bodies and their auditors on a daily basis.

The PEFC Chain of Custody Training ensures that those companies, certification bodies, auditors and accreditation bodies are updated on changes to the standard and on interpretation and explanation of specific requirements. This enables them to consistently apply the chain of custody requirements in daily practice. Last but not least these training events allow PEFC to exchange experiences and to receive valuable feedback on the implementation of the standard.

Chain of Custody Auditors

Every two years, each PEFC Chain of Custody auditor must attend at least once a training that is recognized by PEFC International or a PEFC National Governing Body. PEFC offers several options for certification bodies and auditors to meet this PEFC training requirement. Auditors can either individually attend a training organized by PEFC, or the certification body may organize an internal PEFC recognized training for its auditors as part of the PEFC Training Recognition Program.

Individual Auditor training

PEFC International and its members carry out a range a training sessions throughout the year, both in person and online. Based on interactivity, practical examples, open question and answer sessions, and dedicated group work, these training sessions do not only enable the auditors to benefit from expert knowledge provided by PEFC’s technical specialists, but also from experience exchange between each other.

Please find a complete list of the upcoming trainings by PEFC International below, or contact the PEFC National Governing Body in your country:

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7 September 2016
9.00-17.00 CEST


Register online
by 26 August

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Training Recognition Program

The PEFC Training Recognition Program provides PEFC recognition of a certification body’s internal training program. It allows certification bodies to give PEFC training to their auditors and ensure their compliance with PEFC’s training requirements in an efficient way.

The Program includes a two day in-person training session for the representative of the certification body. After positive verification of the process and content of the internal training program, PEFC recognition is awarded. During the two years in which the training recognition is valid, the representative must take part in regular updates on any recent developments and changes to the PEFC training materials.

Upcoming training programs





New training dates will be announced shortly

Accreditation Bodies

As the accreditation bodies verify the competence of certification bodies and auditors, it is important that they are also familiar with the PEFC Chain of Custody standard and kept up to date on changes, interpretations and clarifications to the standard. PEFC provides specific training opportunities for accreditation body representatives to familiarize themselves with PEFC, but also encourages accreditation bodies to attend any regular Chain of Custody Auditor trainings that are organized in their area whenever possible.

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There are no training sessions currently scheduled.

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