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2017 PEFC Collaboration Fund

The call for proposals for the 2017 Collaboration Fund is now closed. The winning projects will be announced later in the year.

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“This year we are looking to invest in projects that stimulate innovation and new solutions for promoting forest sustainability."

"From the forests, all the way down the supply chain to the marketplace, we are open to diverse and fresh ideas which are locally relevant yet globally significant,” said Sarah Price, PEFC Head of Projects & Development.

PEFC members and other non-profit organizations were encouraged to submit proposals for new and innovative projects before the competition deadline of 31 March 2017. Project partners could also include private and public sector organizations.

Inspiration, innovation and commitment

“Every year we are flooded with great project proposals from all over the world and have to make tough choices about where to invest our funding,” continued Sarah.

“This is a hard process but it fills us with optimism: recognizing just how much inspiration, innovation and commitment exists at the grassroots level and the promise it holds in safeguarding the world’s forests.”

Proposals could request a PEFC contribution of anything up to 40,000 CHF and should have a project timeframe up to two years. Grantees must provide evidence of at least 35% additional co-funding from other sources within the overall project budget.

Meanwhile, progress continues within the six projects funded through the 2016 Collaboration Fund. After awarding a total of CHF 125,000, projects in Italy, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Thailand and the US are starting to deliver valuable results.

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