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Boat picPEFC Project Chain of Custody certification is a specific form of Chain of Custody certification that allows companies to take advantage of PEFC certification for their projects.

PEFC Project Certification enables companies to attain the highest level of certification available, giving the chosen project added environmental value and a ‘solid green’ reputation.

While Chain of Custody certification is well suited for the on-going and continuous production of certified products across a wide range of areas, it is not always the most efficient option for short-term projects involving different, uncertified contractors, such as in the construction or shipbuilding industries, or the one-off production of a specific product.

This can be exceptionally demanding for main contractors and large construction companies wishing to obtain PEFC certification for their projects.

This challenge can now be solved by attaining PEFC Project Chain of Custody certification and thereby receiving bona fide credentials for the timber that is used.

PEFC Project Chain of Custody certification recognizes that not all parties involved in specific projects are certified, even though forest-based material used for the project is covered by Chain of Custody certification. Usually, the fact that non-certified parties handle certified material would break the chain, which is where PEFC Project Chain of Custody comes into play.

Obtaining PEFC Project Chain of Custody Certification

Once you are ready to get certified, contact a PEFC recognized certification body which will carry out an on-site audit of your company. During the audit, the certification body will check that you have correctly implemented the PEFC requirements.

If your business meets the requirements, the certification body will issue a certificate. Once you have obtained your PEFC certificate, you can apply to your national PEFC body or PEFC International to use the PEFC logo and label.

Remember to plan your certification carefully and to conduct an internal audit beforehand – by getting everything ready before the audit, you can help to ensure a smooth and timely assessment.

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